SensorLook Monitoring System
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SensorLook V6 software

SensorLook Monitoring System Multi-unit remote management

SensorLook software is used to monitor the real-time humidity and temperature data of Dr.Storage dry cabinets,Smart Nitrogen cabinets, and Dr. Sensor alarm hygrometers.
It can monitor in distributed locations through wired (Ethernet) or connections. With SensorLook centralized monitoring system , QA/QC people can easily monitor data of multiple devices’ in one location, which saves on both management and labor cost.

■ View device graphs by days, weeks, and months.
■ Alarm setting enables humidity and temperature exception alerts.
■ On-demand data polling and real-time reports.
■ Device graphs can be printed out for offline analysis.
■ View 4 device graphs on one screen.
■ Data can be saved as an excel file.

View 4 device graphs on one screen